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A Fond Du Lac Farmer has regrets about agreeing to host a wind turbine–
Why can’t he speak openly about it?

This was printed as a full page ad in the Chilton, Wisc., Times-Journal, October 25, 2007.

When you sign a 20 to 30 year contract to host a wind turbine on your property you may be signing away many rights you’re unaware of. A confidentiality agreement in the contract may mean legal action can be taken against you if you complain publicly about the project. A Fond Du Lac farmer signed away his rights. He was interviewed by Don Bangart who wrote the following on behalf of the farmer, whose contract with the wind company prevents him from speaking openly about any problems.

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The location of a wind monitoring tower can often point to a windfarm project in the early planning stages. Be creative in your approach to inform residents around a monitoring tower. We’ll leave it up to your imagination to decide how you want to tackle this. Be polite, considerate, and factual and you may be successful in deterring these land owners from signing option or lease agreements with the developer. Good luck!

Wind monitoring tower. Image provided by WindMast.net
Above image linked from windmast.net

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We’re wondering if anyone can source audio / video recordings of the event. Much of it was recorded I believe.

It’d be nice to post some clips for a blog topic.

Please leave a comment on this post or contact us if you can help.


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For those wishing to print and distribute the WeGRAIT flyer, you may find it here in our downloads section.

Thank you!

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