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Welland Tribune

February 11th, 2010

The American and Canadian Wind Energy Association was created by the wind energy industry.

The association recently sponsored a report, to be conducted by independent experts, into the adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines.

That report,An Expert Panel Review, 2009,acknowledged that people are experiencing adverse physiological and psychological symptoms from exposure to industrial turbines. The expert panel acknowledged that wind turbine noise, including low frequency noise, may cause annoyance, stress and sleep disturbance.

The World Health Organization lists annoyance and sleep disturbance as adverse health effects. Health Canada recognizes annoyance, stress and sleep disturbance lead to other adverse health effects.

One of the experts on the expert panel, Geoff Leventhall, PhD (U. K.) has stated, “The claim that their ‘lives have been ruined’ by the noise is not an exaggeration.”

Since receiving this report the American and Canadian Wind Industry Association have said they will “not advocate for funding further studies.” Why?

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The Australian government chose to withdraw all support from any future wind turbine projects. Its studies suggest that not just wind power, but also solar power, do not have the capability to be cost effective, can contribute little if anything to reducing carbon emissions and cannot justify the expenditure of billions of dollars of their taxpayers’ money.


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Toronto Sun

27 October 2009

It’s never pretty watching people’s rights getting trampled by a government caught up in the latest fad, but it’s happening across Ontario.

The victims are citizens living mainly in rural communities.

Their concerns about the possible adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines are being rolled over by Premier Dalton McGuinty.

We should all pay attention because our rights could be next.

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The Municipality of West Grey

Jan 29, 2010 16:11 ET

WEST GREY, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – Jan. 29, 2010) – As Mayor of the Municipality of West Grey, on behalf of the Council and citizens of West Grey, I am calling upon the Province of Ontario to place an indefinite moratorium on industrial wind turbines in the Municipality of West Grey and other Ontario municipalities.

The Council of the Municipality of West Grey, as its meeting held on January 11, 2010 passed the attached resolution regarding industrial wind turbines and is seeking all Provincial Ministers, MPP’s, local and area MP’s and all Ontario municipalities, including Grey and Bruce Counties to support this resolution.

Yours truly

Kevin Eccles, Mayor
Municipality of West Grey

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